Hold onto your Fenty lip gloss because Black History Month is upon us, everyone. It’s a hour for your office to legion diversification phenomena( usually the best of the year) and your black sidekicks be remembered that you can’t sing all of Freaky Friday even if they aren’t there.

While our history is what got us to where we are today, there are some kick-butt pitch-black dames that are taking the world by squall right now. Some of them don’t get the glitter they deserve but honestly what else is new. Women do a lot to keep the world turning in general but there’s something about the resiliency of black maids that has a special residence in our hearts and on the internet.

Black maidens have been called many things: rulers, leaders, mess-cleaners, supernatural, the illest alive, etc. Well whatever you heard, it’s true-blue. I’ve rounded up 10 stunning women who will without a doubt brighten up your timeline. They’ve get goodnes. They’ve got style. They’ve got a high extent of melanin.

1. Elaine Welteroth

Source: @elainewelteroth

Former Teen Vogue editor, scribe, and host, Elaine is a bright ray of sunshine that cares about the issues and not just Teen Vogue. She is constantly encouraging partisans to be socially active while lies in the fact that down-to-earth bride who’s late to the airport just like us.

2. Bim Adewunmi

Source: @bimadew

Journalist and podcast multitude, UK-born Bim taught me a very important assignment: Accept. The. Thirst. On her podcast Thirst Aid Kit, she and co-host Nichole Perkins talk through everything from why Chris Evans is life to how Aladdin may have been our universal sexual rouse. Follow her on Twitter for all the things you think but don’t say.

3. Aurora James

Source: @aurorajames

You know that one fashionable love that can draw off anything? Say hello to Aurora James, the internet explanation of that love. The founder of Brother Vellies( a boutique cloak store in New York) is the definition of helping LOOKS.

4. Quinta Brunson

Source: @quintab

Quinta Brunson is one of the best people to stumble the internet. She started her profession at Buzzfeed at the high levels of their viral YouTube video stage. She was the breakout superstar and soon left to pursue writing, directing, and an acting busines. Quinta still utters us laugh at every turn( peep her tweets ). The content is always on 100. Now she’ll be joining the band of nice beings on the CW.

5. Jasmine Guillory

Source: @thebestjasmine

The newest fiction author in the brick. I extended through her first two bibles in about a week. A record for me but they were also that good. Guillory is a former solicitor turned best-selling novelist. She knows how to get to that gooey centre that Nicholas Sparks used to fill. Plus, her work The Proposal is now the February pick for Reese Witherspoon’s book club Hello Sunshine! What, like it’s hard?

6. Zim Ugochukwu

Source: @zimism

Zim is a podcast host( check out the Bloom ), entrepreneur, and the founder of Travel Noire. The website is a programme with guides, gratuities, and quirks on how to impel tour universally easy. It’s curated by a world community who want you to find your “inner explorer.” Zim is a great example of a woman of purpose. Her feed is the excellent mingle of insight and the ever has spoken about wanderlust.

7. Jenna Wortham

Source: @jennydeluxe

The goddess we all need in our lives. Jenna is a New York Times writer and co-host of the podcast Still Processing. Much like Elaine, her positivity somehow glitters right through Instagram. Jenna can talk through the latest Golden Globe winners but likewise about the mood of race ties-in in America with ease. Get you a follow who does both.

8. Alissa Ashley

Source: @alissa. ashley

Alissa Ashley is a makeup YouTube guru who likewise happens to be a excellent photographer( aka why you should follow her ). She is incredibly dedicated to applying her honest opinions and preaching for African Americans( men and women) in the beautiful life. She’s also cute, bubbly, and recreation and her videos reflect that. We makeup admirers out here present her a 10/10.

9. Tamron Hall

Source: @tamronhall

Tamron Hall is a TV host and onetime Today Show anchor. Her feeling for women and the justice system is provoking. She is the supportive large-scale sister you look forward to get a hug from after that guy blows you off for the third go. Currently, she hosts her own register on the DiscoveryID channel. Word on the street is, she is getting her own daytime tv establish after a chaotic leave from NBC. So I would move immediate before the rest of the country observes out about her.

10.Angela Davis( the Kitchenista)

Source: @thekitchenista

Angela Davis is a self-taught home chef. She started the Kitchenista Diaries in 2012 and has written three cookbooks in that time. Angela( with the help of her toddler-daughter-sidekick Raven) are always beating up the most amazing recipes. She’s also great at clearing recipes accessible whether you’re an at-home Chopped judge or a Postmates loyalist.

Is there anyone we missed ?! Let us know who you adore following in the comments!

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