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Is it merely me who feels like January dragged on and on and February went by in a blink of an eye? It’s immaterial how quickly meter runs. Anyway, today is time to reflect on February and share with you how my month started. Doing these monthly recaps has been such a neat style to acknowledge the good things- and sometimes the not so good things, extremely- that happened and that are often forgotten. Here’s my February recap…

1. My cat turned 13.

Well, we didn’t celebrate my cat’s birthday per se but we did sing happy birthday to him ahah. We’re not sure on the specific appointment on which he was born because he was adopted at about 2 months old but we purposed up cross-file him at the veterinaries as if he had been born on February 1st. So on the first of February, my mama got the sweetest verse from the veterinarians caring him a happy birthday!

2. Frozen.

To be honest, I wasn’t really into living movies ever since I was a kid but in the past year I have come to adore them. Yes, I am 25- no chagrin. It all started with Peter Rabbit which I thought was so sweet and funny and this month, I decided to finally watch Frozen. I’m familiar with the Let It Go song, yes but I never got around to watch the movie. It was a bit too musical for my taste but I actually really enjoyed it!

3. New beauty produces.

Do you know when you run out of most of your charm produces at the same term? That’s pretty much what happened this month. Both my moisturizer, gaze cream, and brow pencil running around and normal me waited until the last minute to ordering substitutions so it make I had to go for more than a few weeks without them. It’s all good now.

In case you’re bizarre, I used Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and Eye Cream, and Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil.

4. A weekend trip with pals.

In late February, my group of girlfriends from uni decided to visit one of my best friend who moved to a brand-new city for handiwork and had a wonderful weekend away. It was lovely to devote some time together, including we don’t see each other that often anymore. I feel very lucky that even though we graduated in 2014 and don’t meet up very often as we all followed different moves in life, we’re still very good friends.

The highlight has to be waking up at 6:30 on a Sunday to watch the sunrise– so worth it!

5. Dessert+ dinner with the bestie.

Yes, you read that title! Dessert and then dinner. Well, kind of. A few weekends ago, your best friend and I did another photoshoot together and were planning to go for dinner after. Nonetheless, we got starving and it is still too early for dinner we are therefore stopped at this cute coffee shop which is something we ate a delicious pavlova. We chit-chat for a bit while and then became for the purposes of an early dinner at a trendy eatery that serves all types of Asian food.

I had japchae, which apparently is a usual Korean food and I Enjoy it! I was actually surprised that I experienced it so much because I’m exceedingly picky when it is necessary to nutrient and it had an odd stench at first but once I tried little bit, I was exchange. I even demonstrated chopsticks a go but gave up a few minutes in as it was taking me path too long to devour and I was thirsty ahah.

6. A journey to Ikea.

Who doesn’t cherish a tour to Ikea? I travelled there at the opening up of the month with my parents and it’s always so entertaining to amble along the isles and decorate my dreaming suite in my heading. I bought some vanilla candles- which are my favourite! -, a few administrative things for my wardrobe clear out this Springtime and a glass beaker for my morning cappuccino. Btw, it is so filling to receive the chocolate mixing in with the milk- it has become one of my little solaces in life!

7. I got an Ipad.

I’ve been thinking about going an Ipad for the purposes of the a long time and finally got the cheapest one during a weekend sale in February. It has been so much recreation to play with it! And much more opportune sometimes, specially when I’m in my plot or on the couch as it is lighter than my laptop more not as small-time as my phone.

8. New pillows.

This month I also got a got a couple of brand-new decorative pillows for my berth. I had the same mounted of pillows for a few years and didn’t really like it anymore so I decided to change things up a little bit. I exited for a paste locate with a pop of mustard yellow and it glances this much!

9. Mumford& Sons.

When it comes to music, I’ve been adoration Mumford& Sons’ new book Delta – it’s SO GOOD! I’ve discovered them a few years ago and they rapidly became one of my favorite circles. It’s hard to pick my favorites as I affection pretty much every vocal on their brand-new book but if I had to choose I would say Delta, Forever, Beloved, and Woman.

10. Sunny epoches.

Another little desire in life: sunny daylights in February. It’s amazing what some lights of sunshine after cold+ rainy weeks can do for the feeling ☀

11. Feeling slothful.

I’ve been so sedentary in the past few months, you guys! And it has had an impact on my physical state, of course. My knees and lower back jeopardized every now and then and I genuinely is therefore necessary to do something about it. I ever tell myself” I will start working out tomorrow” or” I will go back to yoga next month” and it never happens. Do you have any tips?

12. Tones from Joana got a makeover!

And of course, the blog makeover. If you’re a long time book, you might have noticed that Notes from Joana got a makeover last-place month. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision but I’m so happy with how it turned out, you guys right now! Hope you enjoy it too.

How was your February?

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