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I know we are already approaching the middle of February but I still wanted to do a little January recap and share with you how my month departed. Although January wasn’t an easy month since I felt a little bit overwhelmed and unmotivated, it’s still important to take a step back and show not only on the negatives but mainly on the positive things that occurred in the last few weeks. I denounce the absence of sunshine in me feeling a little bit blah in January but I’m committed to doing February a most positive month for me.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit summary of January…

1. Feeling devastated and unmotivated.

As I’ve mentioned before, January was a odd month for me. I was struggling with my mental health and feeling a bit devastated, unmotivated, and super sleepy. It possibly has to do with the pressure to mash your goals and have your best year ever that I put on myself and that can be very overwhelming. Plus, I’m not a big fan of Winter past Christmas time so the less sunlight and sunshine thing also contributed to me feeling a little bit rubbish last-place month. Anyone with me on that?

2. Photo shoot with the bestie.

Photography “ve been a big” heat of quarry so I was very excited when our friend extended an invitation for a bit photo shoot. I took some photographs of her at the coast but we weren’t really feeling it so we drove around trying to find a cool point until we passed by a little dock that caught my attention. It was golden hour time so the lighting was beautiful and I had the most wonderful go taking illustrations. Before we leader back home, she even made some photos of myself and I really like how they turned out! Nonetheless, I do promote being behind the camera as I always feel super awkward in front of it.

3. Dad’s birthday.

My dad turned 54 this month and we celebrated his birthday by going to dinner at a restaurant which was really nice.

4. I got my wisdom tooth removed.

After struggling with pain on and off for the past year or so, I finally booked the dentist appointment I had been putting off and got my right ability tooth extracted on the last day of January. I was so nervous. My middle was hastening and I was making a big effort to think of something positive instead of realise up crazy situations in my brain haha. But I did it and it wasn’t so bad after all!

5. Straightening Up With Marie Kondo.

I never spoke the book and was extremely skeptical to say the truth but after ensure so much hype around the tv establish, I decided to give it a go and keep watching the Straightening Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. Guess what? I loved it! Which is surprising – why is it so satisfactory to watch person tidy up their home? Apparently, it is. And I cherish Marie Kondo too. She’s so sweet and positive which for some ground obliged me just wanted to declutter and get organized once and for all to accompanied more merriment into my life.

6. You and This Is Us.

Two very different tv pictures but a great job! To say the truth, I started watching You mainly because of Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell but was speedily caught up in the crazy storyline. As for This Is Us, I’m a bit late to the party I know, but now I do get why so many people were raving about it. I even teared up on the first occurrence!

7. A brand-new bedroom chair.

I had been eyeing this chair from Maisons du Monde for months and months and on the first of January, I lastly decided to purchase it. It arrived two or three weeks later and despite being a bit smaller than I concluded, I cherish it! I’ve always “ve been dreaming about” owning a rocking chair and this one was what I was looking for without violating the bank. It is going to go in my bedroom and I can’t wait to sit down with a notebook in front of the window when it’s sunny.

8. A cozy blanket.

Another of my favorite purchases this month is a cozy cloak and it has been so nice to wrapping myself around it while I’m on the couch watching tv in the evenings.

9. Evenings in front of the fireplace.

Following the last point, one of the good things about the cold weather is expending nights in front of the hearth. I’m so grateful we have one!

10. A cinnamon latte every morning.

I was never a huge love of coffee but ever since my pa bought a suitable chocolate machine, it seems like I’ve been experiencing my morning latte more and more every day. In early January, I decided to start supplementing a disperse of cinnamon on top. The cinnamon kind of disguises the strong spice of the chocolate and the combination of the two is so good, you guys!

11. Being able to work from residence.

One thing I was very grateful for in January was being able to work from dwelling. I often take it for awarded and forget how lucky I am. Although it’s not all roses and there has to be a lot of self-discipline involved, it was great not having to leave the house to face the freezing and the rain.

12. New year, brand-new planner.

One of the most wonderful things about starting a new year is, of course, get a brand-new planner. Is it really me? This time I came mine from Rifle& Paper- maybe my fave stationery symbol at the moment- and it is beautiful! However, I bought a cheaper one for design and aimed up recognizing also that I actually promote a daily organization instead of a weekly one. I feel like I can better unionize my tasks for the working day and am most productive. I is certainly obstruct my own personal planner anyways and will induce the most out of it though it is something to keep in subconsciou next year.

How was your January?

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