I’ll be the first to be said that I’m not all that into fantasy. While everyone was bursting over The Notebook, I was more of a The Incredibles kinda girl.( Awarded, I was only like 7 !)

However, I was forever changed when our friend and I went to see The Vow( with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, a seriously underrated movie) on Valentine’s Day several years ago. Now, I give up my tale cynicism for a few months out of its first year to let myself feel and know all the enjoy.

If you, very, are stimulated about chocolates shaped like nerves, a darknes out with your S.O ., a girl’s light in with your besties, or really an excuse to wear that super sizzling red-faced dress, we understand you. To get you excited and ready for all Valentine’s merriments, here are our favorite nostalgic comedies you are able to stream on Netflix.


If a movie has Jane Fonda, Wanda Sykes, and Jennifer Lopez, it’s a custodian. Kevin decides to introduce his fiance, Charlie( J. Lo ), to his mother, Viola( Fonda ), and not everything travels according to intention. As the word suggests, Viola and Charlie don’t precisely come along, but they must find a way to agree with one another for purposes of Kevin. This movie is hilarious and a great remember of the sacrifices we make for love.

The Switch

Anything with Jason Bateman is bound to determine you laugh, but this one might see you cry, very.( Or maybe that’s simply me ?) Kassie( Jennifer Anniston) wants to have a child and decides to go through artificial insemination. On the eve of her procedure, her best friend Wally has a few too many glass and swaps the “ingredient”( as he says) in the bottle to his own. Seven years later, Kassie and her son( who also is Wally’s son) move back to New York and Wally must find a way to both alliance with his son and tell Kassie what he did. It has conventional Bateman humor, but the love story is what contains your interest. Not to mention, this kid is ADORABLE.


This is a Netflix original sequence set in Chicago( woohoo !). It follows eight different marries throughout different stages of their relationship. There are tons of big names in this prove, such as Dave Franco, Emily Ratajkowski, Orlando Bloom, Kate Micucci, Hannibal Burress, and more! Since this see premiered, I’ve tried to binge-watch it pretty much every Valentine’s Day. The fibs mimic real life, and none of them are cheesy. My favorite bouts are “Vegan Cinderella, ” “Utopia, ” “Open Marriage, ” and “Baby Steps.”

Gender and the City

We’re all previously following every Sexuality and the City excerpts accounting, so why not take our affection for the four to the bigg( er) screen ?! This movie has all the same humour and charm as the series, however get to be with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha for over an hour this time. This one is perfect for a girls’ nighttime in. Grab your favorite periodicals, some cookies and ointment, and you’re ready for the best Galentine’s ever.

Larry Crowne

After being a Navy cook for years and then working in the field of retail, Larry Crowne decides to go to community college. There, he matches Mercy Tainot, his Speech 217 prof. The two embark on a tour of self-discovery and a bit adventure. This cinema is remarkable and has formed me cry on many occasions.( I exactly affection affection, OK ?!).

Sixteen Candles

I couldn’t make a roll of rom-com’s without an’ 80 s classic, right? We’ve maybe all seen this one by now, but for those who have not, it’s about Samantha, an angsty teen( oh, the working day) who dreads her 16 th birthday. She has a crush on Jake, a elderly who has no idea she exists. Racket familiar? Watch this one if merely for the amazing’ 80 s style inspo, but remain for Anthony Michael Hall’s amusing one-liners.

Nappily Ever After

Based on Trisha R. Thomas’s book by the same name, Nappily Ever After follows Violet. She seems as if she has a excellent life: excellent boyfriend, excellent position, perfect “hairs-breadth”. Then, an incident at the hairdressing salon refers her life in a downward coiling, exclusively for her to then decide to scrape her chief and start freshly. This is a story a lot of women can relate to, and the place in which she shaves her thought is so strong. I know I say you’ll cry at most of these, but I candidly guarantee you’ll cry at this one.( It can’t still just be me !)


This critically acclaimed film starring none other than Everygirl office favorite, Cate Blanchett( we’ve all realized Ocean’s 8 by now, right ?!) is a perform. It’s New York in the’ 50 s, and a department store clerk( Rooney Mara) dreams of a high quality of life, one that includes the older, married woman she’s fallen in love with. I’ll be real, this is more of a tale drama than a rom-com, but the establish, the clothes, and the beloved in this film make it all worth it.


If you’re like me( AKA single AF and dreaming of a beautiful, Scottish male this Valentine’s Day ), you must watch Ibiza. Harper is sent to Barcelona on a duty expedition, and her party-loving best friends decide to tag along. On a nighttime out, she meets Leo( Richard Madden AKA the beautiful, Scottish worker I’ve been dreaming of ), and the movie follows her attempts to find him again. I wouldn’t inevitably use this film as a pattern to your vocation, but it’s lighthearted and amusing, and again, Richard Madden is so steamy.

Filled the Patels

OK, so I actually firstly watched this in my sociology of homes class because it’s more of a romantic film. However, the love story is as evenly charming and sweet as everything on this list, so here the administration is. Ravi Patel is an virtually 30 -year-old Indian American who congregated the girl of his illusions, but she isn’t Indian. His mothers deplete a long few months trying to set him up with Indian wives, all while he only wants to be with Audrey, his ex-girlfriend. There is so much to learn about the Indian culture in this film, and it’s interesting to see how all the people in Ravi’s life( specially his mothers who had an formatted union !) contemplate love.

Definitely, Maybe

After her pray and pray, Will( Ryan Reynolds before he turned into Deadpool) decides to tell his daughter the story of how he encountered her mother. He begins to realize that looking at the past might give him a better idea of what actually happened between the two of them. The fib is fitted with woo from the beginning, and the ardour he has for his daughter is too a big side of the movie.

To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before

Did “youve been” expect me to not include this classic? This is one I’m sure we’ve all assured by now, and we’ve unquestionably all googled Noah Centineo’s age once or twice. This movie will remind you of high school innocence and love, while also reminding you how much you never, ever want to go back to high school.

The Break-Up

After being together for two years, Gary and Brooke decide to break up. However, both of them want to keep their dazzling condo. So, they decide to become roommates. In the process, they begin to learn their true feelings for one another and understand how exactly their relationship failed. Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn are hilarious and adorable together, making this movie one to watch over and over again.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

If SATC is a little too much for you this V-Day, you and your lovers will enjoy this one. Georgia has a suppres on Robbie. The film follows her slay of embarrassing times as she deals with has become a teenager. This is a Nickelodeon movie, so you know it’s fitted with a neat dosage of goofy humor. You’ll laugh your ass off and retain what it was like to be a 14 -year-old girl.

Slumber with Other People

I’m a huge Jason Sudeikis fan, so I was evoked to try this one where reference is arrived onto Netflix. After securing up in college, Jake and Lainey are reintroduced to each other at a sex-addicts anonymous fill after too many disappointed affinities due to cheating. The two embark on a relationship together and learn a little bit about what a relationship is( and what it isn’t ). If you adore a good gender joke( who doesn’t ?), this is for you.

What movies do YOU love to watch around Valentine’s Day ?!

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