Alright acquaintances, here’s the thing. I’m always overthinking blog uprights, and they become thesis articles 80 occasions a human ability to speak by the time I’m done. And while I won’t ever stop supply well-researched information and education material, I also just sometimes demand a home where remembers can be simple and live forever. So today we kick-off a brand-new streak: 5 Friday Favorites. The purpose with the succession is to simply provide you with 5 things we adoration the coming week. It could be used concoctions we’re use, services we can’t discontinue, or vacation spots we loved. Or maybe precisely a few moments we depleted frisking a game together. Either road, “were trying to” captivate views of our life now on the blog rather than merely on social media. And in doing so, maybe we’ll spur you to find something you cherish, too! 5 Friday Favorites: Stacy’s Grooming Edition sounds the claim or epitome to check out any individual entry more 1- Stacy’s Silk Pillowcase I’m just as susceptible to internet-influencer peer pressure as the next person! After Danielle Walker shared about how she travels with a silk pillow to elongate her fuzz being done the day before, I was […]

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