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January, a long time month of its first year, is eventually coming to a open. The main reason why I like Winter it’s because of Christmas so formerly January flattens around I’m ready for Spring, please. At the same age, it’s a bit crazy to think that we’re already one month into 2018 though. Anyway, since I didn’t rectified any destinations for January, let’s skip the usual recap and move on to the goals for February.

1. 28 -day no-spend challenge.

For one month, I’m committing to not buying anything that isn’t necessary such as food. This comes from not being very good with my business lately- I thoroughly accuse online store- and the need to save some fund. I believe this will be an interesting challenge is assisting stop mindless browse and make the most of what I already have.

2. Settle into my brand-new undertaking.

After roughly four months after unemployment, I started my brand-new position this week- yay! I’m working from home which concludes my introvert ego very happy but at the same day I know it might get dicey to stand caused when you don’t have a crew around you- any tips-off on manipulating from residence will be appreciated! So this month I want to settle into my job by becoming more familiar and efficient with my chores, creating a number, and a more inspiring desk area.

3. Work on the blog photography track.

I conclude I mentioned the blog photography route to you at the end of December and since then I haven’t done much to complete it- I’m such a procrastinator! Having was of the view that, I want to work on it this month so that it can go up sometime in March. Again, if you haven’t done it more, feel free to share anything you would like me to talk about in the course.

4. Start my YouTube channel.

This has been in the making for the last five years and I repute I’m ultimately doing it. I’ve been filming little times all month so I want to lean them together into kind of a monthly vlog. It will be in Portuguese though. For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Portugal so English is not my first language. I thought about constituting videos in English but while I meditate I’m OK with writing, I don’t feel so comfy speaking. And since I’ll likely feel very self-conscious regardless talking to a camera and uploading the video on the Internet, I think it will be better for me to start in Portuguese and not have to worry if I’m pronouncing something right. I hope you don’t mind- maybe I’ll do some videos in English formerly I get more comfortable.

5. Practice self-care daily.

Because February is the month of adore and I don’t have a Valentine, I’m making it the month of self-care. I mentioned here how I’m trying to incorporate self-care into my everyday lives by planning it on my planner. So this month I want to do something just for me every day, even if it’s just for five minutes.

What are your goals for February?

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