As promised, today we continue our new series featuring some of our favorite recipes previously exclusive to our cookbooks. These pork kabobs are simple, easy and you can even have your guests put them together, saving you time! If you’re tired of the dried out grilled chicken that’s become a staple of summer barbecues, then you’re in luck! One of our most popular party menus is make your own kabobs. We set up ingredients in bowl and let people skewer their own preferred meat and veggies. Our preference, of course, are the Hawaii-inspired flavors on kabobs made form pork shoulder; the slightly fattier cut means it’s hard to dry out. The result is the most incredibly flavorful kabobs you will ever eat. It also provides the perfect compliment to the sweet, caramelized vegetables and fruit. We love this dish for cook-outs with friends, especially because pork shoulder is one of the more affordable cuts! Compared to beef or chicken it’s more affordable and pastured pork is an excellent form of Vitamin D We’re sharing this recipe from our second cookbook, Beyond Bacon. We hope it livens up your next barbecue! PrintGrilled Cubed Pork Kabobs from Beyond Bacon Ingredients1/4 cup coconut […]

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