Today one of Team LC’s very favorite bloggers and beautiful inventors, Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde and Barefoot Blonde Hair, is likely to be sharing an original knockout upright with all of you! Retain predicting to see her tips for a post-holiday health hair detox…

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Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2019? The past time wing by, but I am so excited for all the new opportunities and adventures this new time props. I am having my third newborn in a few months, so I have really been looking forward to 2019. With the beginning of the year, so many of us make goals and resolutions. Whether it is working out or trying something new, one thing I am now to remind you is to add healthier whisker to your goals. It is a goal that I make a priority each year! It is the excellent time to start brand-new practices that will leave your hair strong and beautiful. If you are feeling like you need to start with a detox, there are five ways to refresh your “hairs-breadth” and start 2019 off on the right track…

1. Do a Deep Conditioning Treatment

A penetrating conditioner is the perfect produce to make reset on your mane. If your “hairs-breadth” is feeling super bake, try putting a deep conditioning disguise on your fuzz and left open on for a good 10 -2 0 minutes. I love this deep conditioner by Kerastase and this one by Moroccan Oil. Your fuzz will feel so lustrou and glistening after this! Shop a few more of Team LC’s favourites below…

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2. Take Your Vitamins

I take two biotin gummies everyday and I have noticed such certain differences with my hair. Biotin is known for helping your “hairs-breadth” is strong, and I feel that it helps my mane originate faster too. Try the Sweethearts from BFB Hair. I love that they are delicious, which is a plus!

3. Hydrate for Your Hair

Staying hydrated is not merely helps your mane, but your entire mas! Drinking enough spray is so good for your bark and whisker. It helps clear out toxins and deter your hair hydrated from the inside out. So drink up!

4. Eat Healthy Hair Food

If one of your New Year’s resolvings previously has to do with healthful eating, then this is a great opportunity to incorporate nutrients that will benefit your whisker. Meat that are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, cast-iron and Omega 3’s will help strengthen your whisker. Don’t forget about protein too!

5. Make a 10 -Day No Heat Challenge

The holiday season usually symbolizes lots of parties and get-togethers, and if you are like me I enjoy curling my “hairs-breadth” for parties. But a good deal of heat can dry out your fuzz and justification breakage–yikes! So, even though it might be hard at the very beginning, try taking a no heat challenge for at least 10 dates. That wants no blow drying, arranging or curling. Instead, let your “hairs-breadth” breeze baked and adopt your natural texture, or mode your fuzz with a enjoyable braiding or ponytail. Your mane will thank you after doing no heat for an extended period of time, and you will get more creative with how to form your hair.

I hope these tips-off will help your mane be even healthier in 2019! Fortunate New Year, everyone! For more easy forms, honcho to @BarefootBlondeHair and my blog.

healthy hair detox tips from Amber Fillerup via

Which step are you going to start with?

XO Team LC

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