lauren conrad's halloween costume from the birds

I’ve designed many different Halloween costumes over the years, but they have mostly all had running extents of tulle and glitter in common. This year I wanted to deviate from the cutesy attires of Halloweens past and step into something a little more … spooky. Stimulated the classic horror flick, I channeled my inner Hitchcock character and created my best Melanie Daniels from The Birds. As witnessed on the movie sign, my costume illustrates the famed bird onslaught that leaves Ms. Daniels panicked and full of fledgling scratches. I even bribed a little birdie to stand in as my sidekick. Stop moving is how you can repeat this scary ensemble…

Here’s what you’ll need 😛 TAGEND

For my outfit 😛 TAGEND

a coordinating retro light-green dress and jacket( I experience quarry on Etsy .) fake fowls black heels a red-faced eyeliner or lip liner pencil

For Liam’s clothing 😛 TAGEND

a black onesie a black vegan boa( Vegan boas are super soft and don’t have any feathers that can protruded the little ones !) yellow tights or leggings sneakers

lauren conrad's halloween costume from the birds

Here’s how to clear the costumes:

1. For my getup, I pinned a imitation fowl to the breast of my coat and plunged on black gushes. Simple enough!

2. My hair needed to look like a bird’s nest( pun planned) so I included a spritz of dry shampoo and piled it on top of my honcho in a kind of tangled bun. I obliged sure to leave my shorter, face-framing seams out so that I could curl them and pin them back for as much volume as possible. I then left a few sections out to get the disheveled ogle just right. The final step was pinning two more imitation birds near my forehead and towards the back of my bun.

3. For my makeup, I retained the ogle simple and creepy by powdering my face a duo colors lighter as well as contributing chick scratching distinguishes with cherry-red lip liner. I supplemented scratching celebrates to my face, neck, limbs, and even my legs. Because gives face it, you can pull out all the drama on Halloween.

4. For Liam’s bird costume I opted to keep happenings simple by hemming a pitch-black vegan boa onto a black onesie. Layered with yellowed tightens underneath, this little guy had a charming and comfy bird costume in no time.

lauren conrad's halloween costume from the birds

lauren conrad's halloween costume from the birds

It’s safe to say that this little bird was method cuter than the ones assaulting my person in the actual movie! Now let’s depart trick-or-treating…

What are you garmenting up as for Halloween?

Let me know your costume ideas in the comments!

XO Lauren

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