Hey chaps, Josie here. I know I once have the notorious honour of the crazy Will-Try-Anything-For-Good-Skin Lady, but hear me out on this one…

Your favorite natural sweetener and Prince Charles’s favorite tea add-in is actually the secret to the surface of your fantasies. That’s right, sugar is rightfully the Taylor Swift of the beauty world — it’s been around forever, and, though there’s been some dispute, it remains the queen of DIY face disguises and soothing mas creams( okay so that’s not really Taylor Swift related, but you get where I was going with that resemblance, right ?).

Note: not all the sweet substance on the shelves has the same aftermath. Stick to Manuka honey or fresh honey — the other stuff( in particular the cute teddy digest shaped bottle) has laden of added carbohydrate( which will block openings and lead to breakouts) and less antioxidants. But when you stick to the natural material, it’s a game changer. Read on to find out about my own experience my confronted with nothing but sugar for two weeks.

Help of Honey on the Skin

It has antibacterial and anti-septic owneds, so it gets rid of grime and bacteria, perfect for both preventing and treating acne It’s full of antioxidants and boosts collagen production–two things that are MVPs in preventing aging and boosting glow It’s extremely moisturizing and hydrates even the driest of surface. Honey is naturally soothing and has salving dimensions( it was traditionally used only for wounds to expedited mending !). It also nourishes detriment skin to fade disfigures( like those pesky acne blemishes !). It cultivates as a clarifying agent because it naturally opens the way to holes, drawing them easier to unclog. The enzymes work as a soothing exfoliator, sloughing off dead surface cells and leaving you with a glowing complexion.

My Experience

So I’ve never had troubled scalp per se, but I’ve always been on a constant pilgrimage for the glowiest, clearest skin ever( because we all should be illusion big, right !?). Hormonal acne, pesky blackheads, and dark under eye cliques have been the fullest extent of my difficulties. That is, until this year — as Chicago’s remorseless wintertime arrived, so did the worst skin woes I’ve EVER knew( not to be stunning …). It started when I woke up with sternly itchy surface, which I innocently denounced on the changing climate. It then grew cherry-red jolts all over my face, and a puffiness that was clearly not normal.

I knew it must be an allergic reaction, and, after talking to my dermatologist, got a prescription to keep the inflaming down. It momentarily facilitated, but the jolts, itchiness, and puffiness still came back every week or so. The worst responsibility was I could not figure out what else is motiving it — I changed pillowcases, lodged to petroleums instead of retinoids in my nighttime skincare, and used sensitive bath instead of guideline. And still, despite all my efforts and ruptures, it stopped coming back here like a Disney Channel theme song that gets stuck in your top. This was my Everest.

I judged I involved a big life-style change. As someone who concludes natural is always better( unless it’s Oreos or Kim Kardashian ), I wanted to get rid of everything that might be harmful to skin — which included my trusty face bathe. Even the supersensitive replacement I’d been using didn’t counting as “natural.” So what could I supplant it with? Enroll: sugar. I’d actually sounded a lot of chatter( pun intended) about the stuff just made by bees and its benefits for the scalp. Face wash had been my security blanket for so long that it felt like a ginormous leap of faith to go without it, but I was agitated to measure out something so drastic( predict: was just trying anything for good bark ).

I planned to simply splash my face with cool irrigate in the morning, and rinse with sugar at night. I also abused Summer Fridays as an overnight disguise( likewise natural) and massaged it in with a Clarisonic for additional hydration. The honey cleanup was path easier than I thought it would be. Raw honey is much thicker than the regular species, which started it easy to spread on my skin. I chafed it in for about a minute, and then save it on like a mask for another minute or two as I came prepared for berth. The first time, I was ready with a wheel of paper towels and backup face soak, but with precisely a sprinkle of sea, the honey melted away and cleaned off like a piece of honeycomb cake.

The only change up was when I wore makeup — the sugar wasn’t enough to take off all mascara and eyebrow gelatin galore, so I opted for a natural cleansing oil as the first step, followed by the honey. Two weeks and a container of sugar subsequently — my bark has NEVER. BEEN. BETTER. I repeat — I HAVE ALMOST ACHIEVED SKINCARE NIRVANA.

Let me break it down: the sugar did not clog my holes or effect acne as I had upset. I’ve actually remained fairly clear-skinned with a few smaller zits sounding up here and there, but not as many as I normally would during a period week, especially, which was a #miracle. But the biggest scandalize of all … after moistening with honey, the pesky, ugly, apparently permanent blackheads I’ve strove with on my snout FOR. FREAKING. EVER. sounded out so easily, just like that!( not to be graphic)

Overall, my surface really examines more even-toned, glows, and is lived wintertime, dryness-free.* Knock on wood* but my blood-red bumpiness and itchy scalp has not come back since I started cleaning with sugar. To be clear, I don’t think employing face move was the problem. I just think sugar is that good that it helped soothe and soothe my good, happy surface. Plus, it comes down with a good deal of other benefits more. It truly was a supernatural commodity, and to be totally transparent, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to standard face soap again. Not all protagonists wear capes — sometimes, they come in a jar.

Would you try cleansing your confronted with honey? Tell us in the comments below.

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