Jamie Gasparovic ever enjoyed interior design and working on residence jobs with her mom growing up, but it wasn’t until later in life that she recognise it was her true announcing. After a profession change and deciding to start the adventure of becoming a business owned, she created her own interior design company: Studio Gaspo, based out of Orlando, FL.

Jamie returns elegant hitherto laid-back design inspiration to her consumers through her own home renovations. After the success “shes had” of purchasing and redoing her first home back in 2016, Jamie and her husband are now on to their second fixer-upper.( You can follow along with their restoration expedition and purchase the exact pieces are useful in her own home over on the company’s website !) We had the opportunity to talk about all things interior design with Jamie. Impede say to discover this entrepreneur’s advice on observing your personal design mode, starting a dwelling makeover, and following your passion.

Name: Jamie Gasparovic, Interior Designer Age: 28 Location: Orlando, FL Rent or Own: Own Sq. Ft .: 2,000 Year Lived In: 2 years

How did you first realize you missed a occupation in interior design?

Interior design is something I’ve always been interested in — my momma actually went to institution for interior design and we were always redoing rooms in our house together. I didn’t get serious about a busines in interior design until only a few years ago, when I decided to go back to institution for it. I had been working in marketing/ promote and realized my true feeling was design.

You started Studio Gaspo with the goal of helping others achieve their reverie home. What was it like starting your own business?

It’s been a huge learning experience for sure! When you’re operating a business by yourself, everything falls on you — sell, record, customer service … and oh yeah, the actual pattern side. I desire working for myself and having ultimate dominate over the projects I take on and my planned, but anyone who include an indication that moving your own business is easy is a liar!



Tell us about the members of this house chase process — what were you looking for in your first residence? What obliged you decide that this house was the right one for you?

When my( now) spouse Ryan and I were looking for our first home, we inspected alone at “fixer uppers.” As a decorator, I don’t like the believed to be paying payment for upgrades that another person acquired that are likely not my flavor. I wanted to be able to lean my own stamp on our house, and to do that within budget a fixer upper was what we needed. This house was actually big than what we were looking for, but it was in the area we wanted to be in, and was a great value. That’s what sealed the cope for us.



You made a lot of large-hearted redevelopments to entirely transform the gap. How was the renovation process, and how did you know what you wanted to change?

The renovation process was agitating, depleting, stressful, and enjoyable. I knew what I wanted to change from the moment I accompanied into the house. A ton of walls came down, we did all brand-new floorings, make-up, openings, baseboards, illuminating — the works! There actually wasn’t an inch of the members of this house that was left untouched. It was a dirty, dingy, unloved locate when we bought it, and it was extremely satisfying to turn it into somewhere beautiful that we affection to spend time.

Were there any problems “youre coming” across or quirks about the members of this house that you had to overcome?

The biggest( inauspicious) surprise that came up with this house was that we had to rewire all of the electrical. That was a very large, surprising outlay that wiped out our contingency money, and realized its own budget tighter than it would have been. On a more minor note, absolutely nothing in the house was statu — floorings, ceilings, doorway openings — which just made all that is should have been a simple activity into a big to-do.



You bought the house with your spouse, Ryan. How did you merge both of your forms together?

I am luck to have the greatest partner in the world who knows that intend is my joy, and truly just lets me run with it! Candidly our modes are jolly same, and he or so likes everything I decide on. One thing he wasn’t so sure about was decorating our interior entrances gray — I evidenced him a photo of someone else who had done it and he was like “wow you’re right, that ogles frightening! ” and then he was on board.

What’s your favorite one of the purposes of the house?

The kitchen is my favorite part of the members of this house. I cherish the large-scale island, the subway tile that contacts all the way to the ceiling, and the copper accents. Plus it’s where anyone always meets and we’ve compiled lots of great retentions in there!



You’ve designed so many spectacular spaces for patients. How would you describe your personal decor form? Has it changed overtime?

I find it really hard to pin down my mode with one word. I lean toward heated modern, a little bit of mid-century, and a little classic/ antique. I like to blend components from various forms so everything isn’t all one memorandum. My decor style should certainly changed over time — when I was in college I depicted my area it is therefore was like the Cheesecake Factory( believe tan with a rust-brown faux finish, VERY tuscan ). Now I’m much less into themes. I desire neutrals as a locate, but too love the distinguish of adding morose colourings, extremely lettuces and blues.

What are your go-to collects and labels to shop for decoration parts?

I enjoy a good Craigslist or possession auction attain, and some of my favorite fragments in my home are from those two generators! But in terms of retail, I adore Home Goods, West Elm, and Target!



You recently moved to a new house — what intend elements of your first mansion will you stop when embellishing your brand-new residence? Which will you change?

The vibe of this house is different from our last-place, which I kept in mind while deciding on finishes and decor — a lot is different this time around. Our brand-new home is far from done, but there is a lot more dark-green in it! I’ve still obstructed a balance of brilliant and airy with some petulant colourings and moments for oppose, similar to our last-place house. I was also able to purchase a new sofa for this house, which I was dying to do. The sofa from our last-place home got an A+ in function but an F in chassis, which simply killed my poor designer nerve. Our kitchen looks very different in this house — dark-green closets, soapstone and quartzite counters, rattan chandeliers — but we did buy the same devices! We adored the nature the GE slate contraptions looked in our last-place house, and bought pretty much the same ones for this house.

Do you have any gratuities or ploys for someone embellishing their first dwelling, or wanting to start a residence makeover?

Have a scheme! I think often people precisely start buying things willy nilly, and then they’re not sure how they work together and get overwhelmed. Be exceedingly purposeful with your scheme and buy accordingly. Develop a collage on powerpoint and pull in paint complexions, furniture portions, carpetings, and skill that you want to use in the apartment before you start buying. Having it all in once neighbourhood helps you to see if it’s all jiving. When in doubt( and if budget allows ), hire a designer!



How do you cure others find and implement their individual personal form?

Pinterest is a great resource — most people have trouble expressing their wording, but they can pretty easily point to paintings that they like or detest. I like to have people gather some photos that they affection and realize what the common yarn is that they’re drawn to — a mid-century furniture style? White and classic? Dark and irritable? Once I’ve hammered that down a little bit, I frequently do a climate council for my purchasers including some sample collections and brainchild epitomes to make sure we’re on the same sheet before I travel full steam onward on the design.

What advice would you give your 23 -year-old self?

Your actual excitement and your professional obsession don’t have to be two different things.( I began my vocation in advertise/ commerce, because I thought it was interesting fairly for a errand. But my true-life heat was pattern, and eventually I recognized I could just do that for a life and be road happier. Too, trust your gut, because it’s making you down the route you’re supposed to be on!



Jamie Gasparovic is the Everygirl …

Coffee prescribe? Dirty Chai Latte

Current favorite interior design tendency? Dark cabinets paired with dark bars — slobber!

Netflix show you’re currently bingeing? Peaky Blinders, OMG so good!

Favorite spot in Orlando? Hanson’s Shoe Repair is a cool speakeasy barroom that you need a password to get into — we ever end up taking out-of-town guests there.

Item you can’t leave the house without? Keys, phone, purse snacks, tape measure.

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and why? I’d love to have lunch with my grandmothers! I never had the pleasure of knowing either of them, and I’d love to hear about their own lives suffers and what my mothers were like as kids!

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