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You didn’t guess I’d tell October go by without another pumpkin decorating post, did you? Last week I shared our terrazzo tile painted pumpkins for all of you interior design admirers out there. Today’s idea is a little simpler, but has an extra special personalized signature. I came up with this pumpkin decorating plan because I required a highway to incorporate various gourds into one pattern. I also craved something that would feel personal and represent my family. One other thing I love about these personalized pumpkins is that they don’t inevitably scream “Halloween, ” so you can leave them out all season long. They look perfect on your porch “if youre using” big pumpkins, or you can even adorn a mantle or bookshelf with pint-sized pumpkins, like I did.

Here’s what you will need 😛 TAGEND

One pumpkin per letter in your list Acrylic draw Thin paintbrush

Instructions 😛 TAGEND

Place your pumpkins in a staggered strand, so that each one is overlapping and you will have one continuous row of text. Decorate your last name( or any other saying) across your position of pumpkins. Get imaginative with the typeface if you have some calligraphy talents, or stick with a simple cursive script like I did.

personalized family pumpkins via

Are “you know youre going” personalize your pumpkins like I did?

Let me know if you give this a try, or share other ideas below!

XO Lauren

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