One year, I watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas( 2003 Jim Carey version) every single day of December until Christmas. It’s my favorite Christmas movie of all time, and I get excited each time it’s on Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. I’m a Grinchophile if you will.

This year, as I started on my first Grinch watching experience of the season( homemade peppermint mocha in my favorite Christmas mug, plaid PJs, and setting up my Christmas tree ), I acknowledged a lot more than how cute Cindy Lou Who is and how singularly relatable the Grinch is.

The Grinch might be “the worlds largest” culturally related Christmas movie of 2018.

I know, you’re probably conceiving I’m crazy. “What about Love Actually ?! ” “Um, Elf? ” Of route, I cherish pretty much every Christmas movie( except A Christmas Story 2… not sure what that was ). The Grinch, however, undertakes so many issues that we’re addressed with today, and it’s pretty easy to miss it.

I know Dr. Suess had a deeper planned in creating The Grinch aside from entertainment, but there is a lot more to the movie than one might reckon. Now, all we need is a sequel because I actually want to see more of the Grinch and Martha May Whovier’s love.

Publication of trash and the environmental issues

There’s a very obvious topic of overbuying for Christmas in the film, but the Grinch understands squander above all else. At the beginning of the movie, he notes that it’s “crazy what those Whos will throw away.” After the Whobilation, the Grinch says that everything the Whos buy their friends and family for Christmas purposes up in the landfill he lives in.

By the end of the movie, the Whos start to understand that they focused too much on buying endows for their family and pals rather than spending time with them for Christmas. While this is a small portion of the cinema, it clearly looks at how much trash we cause, especially in terms of overbuying and focusing on endowments as the main aspect of Christmas.

Loneliness during the holidays

As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, the Grinch is very lonely in his lair away from Whoville. He talks to himself, come to Whoville to be around the people, and asks Max for his “sedative” to get rid of “those pesky memories” the day before Christmas.( Isn’t this supposed to be for children ?!).

Not we all have sidekicks or clas to celebrate with during the course of its celebration season, even though this is supposed to be the most supernatural epoch of its first year. People likewise might have agonizing or lamentable recalls around this time. This can lead to a lot of loneliness and sadness, and people who don’t ordeal this might not always understand. The Grinch actually showcases this, and it’s such a good remember to be there for the people you enjoy during this time.


Augustus Maywho is the # WOAT. The behavior he plows the Grinch both when they were children, as well as in adulthood, is inappropriate, and the movie shines a light on what this can do for people who experience it. The Grinch was bullied during Christmas, so he has a negative outlook on Christmas as a whole because of it.

Not to mention, the mayor humbles Cindy Lou Who after the Grinch makes the presents.( What a schmuck !). The movie illustrates how represent the Whos are to the Grinch and how it’s altered him throughout his life. I’d suggest discussing this aspect of the cinema with everyone “youre watching” it with , especially children!

Respecting people’s differences

Cindy Lou Who, on the other hand, is the #GOAT. She takes a chance on the Grinch when everyone else had excluded him from their society. She is there for him when no one else is. She even invites him to the Whobilation and elects him as the Holiday Cheermeister! Cindy stops focusing on how the Grinch is different from everyone else and starts focusing on how same he is to the rest of the Whos. She wants everyone to be together at Christmastime, in particular the Grinch.

Cindy is certainly onto something, and I think we could all be a little bit more welcoming to others’ changes, particularly during the holidays.

Finding joyfulnes after affliction

The Whobilation wasn’t undoubtedly a positive know-how for the Grinch, and then he goes on to, you know, steal Christmas and all. However, he comes around, his mettle germinates to its normal immensity, and he perceives prosperity in Christmastime. He interprets how happy the Whos are, even without presents and trees and feasts, and he connects them in revel.

Yeah, Grinch went off the deep end a bit, but he comes around. If you’re addressed with something, you, very, can come back from it.

Are you a Grinchophile ?! What other Christmas movies do you enjoy?

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