Ep. 303: Are Certain Foods Causing My Anxiety? In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss the possible link between food and anxiety and other psychological issues. Click here to listen in iTunes or download and listen by clicking the PodBean Player below If you enjoy the show, please review it in iTunes! The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 303: Are Certain Foods Causing My Anxiety? Intro (0:00) News and Views (0:40) Welcome back, listeners- thanks for making through our super science-y sun-related podcasts. Thank you all for your great feedback on our last two shows! Stacy is offering a free sunblock in the month of June to anyone who places an order with her. Details on the sidebar of her blog, here! Sarah got a (minor) sunburn last week- oh the irony!! Today’s topic hits home for both Stacy and Sarah. Matt had crippling anxiety before going Paleo. Sarah used to have panic attacks but hasn’t since going Paleo. Listener Questions (7:15) Lauren asks, “I recently went from strict paleo to trying dairy here and there in my diet. While strict paleo my anxiety and OCD practically disappeared. I no longer had panic attacks and the intrusive thoughts practically disappeared. Well.. upon […]

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