In this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah dive penetrating into the health benefits of tea! What induces tea so darn good for you? What types of tea are excellent for your microbiome? Which teas should you evade at all costs? And is caffeine bad for you? Click here to listen in iTunes or download and listen by clicking the PodBean Player below If you enjoy the show, satisfy scrutinize it in iTunes! The Paleo View( TPV ), Episode 328: The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Tea( 0:00) Intro( 0:40) Information and positions Whoops! Stacy and Sarah did not hand any special addeds( like a Facebook Live) as promised last-place occurrence. While they were together during the course of its Thanksgiving weekend they hung out with their own families, ate immense food, frisked board games, and snuggled with Stacy’s new puppy, Penelope. Stacy inadvertently “dairy-ed” Sarah’s daughter. Despite her best attempts to provide a dairy-free muffin alternative, it happened. But Sarah says, there’s a lot of value and learning to be gained when events “go wrong”! For precedent, Sarah’s daughter hasn’t had dairy in two years and this proved that dairy still doesn’t work for her. (8: 42) Today’s topic: Tea! In researching her brand-new microbiome-based volume […]

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