In this escapade, Sarah and Stacy are asking not one, but two listener questions, tackling healthy hasten, school lunches, and portable snacks. They’re sharing their tried and true tips-off for how to keep their families feeling good while traveling internationally, the paleo-friendly snacks they pack in their kids lunches, and you’ll learn if European bread really is safe! Click now to listen in iTunes or download and listen by sounding the PodBean Player below If you experience the evidence, please evaluate it in iTunes! The Paleo View( TPV ), Episode 342: Hurtle, School Lunches, and Portable Snacks( 0:00) Intro Sarah is headed to the Nutritional Therapy Association annual meet where she will be a keynote talker, so they’re recording this episode a little earlier than usual. This week we’re talking about something Sarah and Stacy have been doing a lot of recently: stay AIP while traveling. A large-scale shout out to this week’s occurrence patronize and Stacy’s favorite meat, Chomps! Both Stacy and her sons adore them! In information, Stacy’s boys did a quick PSA for Chomps! Chomps is a 100% cleanse, on the go meat lodge that has 9-10g of protein per adhere and real food ingredients. Amazing report: Chomps […]

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