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If you’re anything like us, your wardrobe likely contains tons of books, from stripes to florals to gingham and everything in between. While our solid colored slice get slew of love too, we find ourselves turning time and time again to the printed bits in our clothes. Minimalist elementaries ought to have get a lot of press lately, but it’s etched cases that can make an kit stand out. After all, there’s just something about a bold floral dress or a ditsy daisy engrave crest that situates us in a good climate. This season has brought in a whole new cultivate of structures from LC Lauren Conrad, and we can’t wait to start incorporating them into our outfits. If you’re looking for your next go-to etch, continue scrolling to appreciate our summary below. And don’t just stop at these parts … you’ll be glad to know that many of these reproduces come in the form of full-dress and tops alike. So if you find one you desire, make sure to pate to to browse all of the slice in your favorite print.

LC Lauren Conrad Lemon Spree pattern

1. Lemon Spree These teeny insignificant lemons are the excellent slight blueprint to sweeten up a basic tee … is anyone else desiring lemonade?

LC Lauren Conrad Plaid Savvy Blooms pattern

2. Plaid Savvy Blooms Who says you can’t mixture engraves? We adoration the unique compounding of a fragile floral photograph overlaid on a simple check pattern.

LC Lauren Conrad Lucia Blooms pattern

3. Lucia Blooms More florals, please! This bold publication gapes elegant in any season, but we especially cherish it paired with denim or leather as the seasons change from winter to spring.

LC Lauren Conrad Ditsy Point Blue pattern

4. Ditsy Point Blue For those eras when you want a magazine but don’t want to stand out, this delicate ditsy floral affects the perfect symmetry without ever being boring.

LC Lauren Conrad Fleurie India Ink pattern

5. Fleurie India Ink Punchy, poppy, and standard for heated climate or layering in colder temps–we desire how this periodical pairs light florals with a moodier background.

LC Lauren Conrad Saville Blooms pattern

6. Saville Blooms The dreamiest pink florals you’ll ever find … and they’re accessible in petites.

LC Lauren Conrad Green Bicolor Floral pattern

7. Green Bicolor Floral There’s something perfectly retro about this subtle magazine. Pair it with a cutout one-piece and this engrave instantly feels fresh for sunny eras ahead.

LC Lauren Conrad Sarafae Fleurs pattern

8. Sarafae Fleurs The fun print your wardrobe has been missing? We received it and it’s this forceful floral structure with intricate vines. If there’s one book that is equal responsibilities fun and romantic, it’s this one.

LC Lauren Conrad Bloom Print pattern

9. Bloom Print This pretty pastel floral book is boasted on a wide variety of our favorite LC Lauren Conrad handbags, so whatever your needs are, you’ll be able to find one to coincide your lifestyle.

LC Lauren Conrad Cherry Print pattern

10. Cherry Print This adorable cherry magazine caught our seeing the moment it thumped stores, so you know we’ll be snagging every portion it comes in, including this ruffle-hip one piece.

Which print is your favorite?

Let us know below!

XO Team LC

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