Something to know about me is that I Affection A GOOD ROMANCE. Rom-coms are my life’s blood but, there are simply not enough of them in countries around the world( though Netflix is making a attentive thrust to heal my rom-com insufficiency ). So, at the tender age of 11, I had to find another boulevard for my pent-up romanticism. It started with watching You’ve Got Mail every day( honestly I could still do this now) which led to sweet YA novels which established channel to the real sun of the picture: the romance novel.

SIDEBAR REAL QUICK LIKE: Let’s talking here fantasy romances for a second. You’re probably thinking of the paperbacks with lurid puts-on and entitles like The Billionaire’s Secret Love Child Revenge — and yes those qualify- but there are also SO MANY awesome, beautifully written rom-novs( lol can we make this a happen) that yes, okay, have pretty lurid shields and silly designations very. But, that doesn’t establish them any less enjoyable or worthy of discussion. There’s a prevalent notion in pop culture that a certain kind of content is better than another; that a movie been developed by a chamber full to both men and filmed in a gloom, sepia-like finish( the grainier the very best) is automatically more worthy of admire, notice, and respect. I think that is bullshit.

Think about this question and answer it HONESTLY to yourself: Do I end content just made by dames as being FOR women at first glance? Does it imbue my opinion? Do I contemplate content made by boys as “universal” and the go-to, professional know?

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It’s rare for relationship stories to dominate scrutiny — there is a conspicuous chapter of Younger in which basically every reputation is like” tale generators are in hiding ,” which is BULLSHIT WHY SHOULD THEY HIDE, but truly illuminates this idea that relationship writers should be embarrassed by the labor they render and thus wouldn’t seek the spotlight. Make me assure you that they are not and shall not be required to. ANYWAYS* steps off soapbox and dusts shoulders dramatically* all this to say that I am absolutely over the moon with pleasure that Helen Hoang’s blissful, refreshing, sexy as inferno brand-new novel is getting the attention and admire it deserves.

In case you haven’t heard nothing about the buzzy story hitherto, here’s a real quick synopsi: Our heroine, Stella, doesn’t have a lot of event with tale — french kissing freaks her out and she’s much more comfy with equations than with beings. She also has Asperger’s — another blanket to our complex leading lady. She rules she necessitates woo tasks of a kind. So what’s a girl to do? Hire an escort, of course.

Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient

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If this hasn’t persuasion you to read the book hitherto, here’s why you perfectly should( no gravely like extend buy it immediately, Amazon has it on prime one-day you have no condone ):

Helen Hoang is a badass

Hoang, like her heroine Stella, has Asperger’s — but she wasn’t diagnosed until she was an adult. In an interrogation with Bustle, she said:” Ever since I was little, I’d been watching other persons and is difficult to imitate them because I didn’t mull I was acceptable the path I was. Discovering that we still have part groups of people who have same caprices and events as I do changed everything .” I want to take Helen Hoang out for chocolate and pick her intelligence about EVERYTHING. She indeed seems like a legit hang.

Reading The Kiss Quotient, you’re immediately and totally immersed in Stella’s world. You feel her stress, her confusion, and her pain; but likewise her triumphs, her sensuality, and her drive to certainly enjoy and represent the most of her life. She is unique, multi-layered, and fascinating. It’s so lovely to read female attributes who are written true-to-life. We deserve to have our narrations told, with all our paragons and hopes and disappointments and challenges. Said Hoang of writing Stella,” When I wrote Stella, I embraced the parts of myself that I’d always been trying to change or obstruct .” All the applause to this. All of it.

The fiction is beautifully diverse

As a tale tale aficionado, I’ve read an alarming quantity of them. Gems like The Kiss Quotient stand out because they draw life as it rightfully is — diverse( culturally, personality-wise, in every channel ), objection, heart-breaking, and soul-mending.

There is a scene smack in the middle of the book, in which our superstar, Michael, wreaks Stella over to his mother’s house for a meal. Michael is half Vietnamese and the richness of his culture and heritage flows off the page. At the same day, you participate Stella struggle with being in the crowd of their own families — she has any problems with over-stimulation. You can feel the specificity of this family in this house in this time — the common, the tension, and the ardour. I was springing so hard for Michael and Stella that I wanted to scream into the book IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY. I adoration when stories stimulate you feel this space — so attached to the characters that you pulsate with their anguish, joy, and jumble at every turn. This is one of the tales. These characters are carefully and masterfully outlined as real parties. There are no cliche she’s-just-too-adorkable-for-her-own-good or he’s-an-absolute-douchey-jerk-for-no-reason-at-all planneds to steer around. Michael and Stella are incredibly specific — absolutely their own parties full of their own foibles and oddities and disbeliefs — but also incredibly relatable.


This is a romance novel, after all, and it wouldn’t be worth its salt if it didn’t have some indeed steamy incidents. And boy ARE THEY STEAMY.

There is such a lovely through position of the entire tale in which Stella is actively attempting her own desire. She is meeting herself — her perceives, her anxieties, her quest for love and acceptance — her priority. How beautiful is that ?! She is so vulnerable with Michael about her frights and her lusts and it’s just. so. freakin ‘. lovely. to read about the status of women both taking charge of her life and her sexuality on her terms while also learning how to lean on someone of providing assistance, for help, for intimacy.

At the same time, Michael is part of the brand-new rise of passing men who are emotionally present without being any less seductive af.( Review: Peter Kavinsky .) The type of lover who will recognize you had an emotional, over-stimulated moment at his family dinner and reach out to you when you’re ready, bring you back to his house, and help you try over again with gentle supporting and ever without ruling. The type of serviceman that will construct you a dress because you asked him to and tell you honestly about his secret daydreams and goals. The same man who will fix you laugh, establish you think, start you more excited than you’ve ever been. As Sophia Benoit so succinctly throw in one of my favorite articles this year,” The Wholesome Man recognise he can be emotionally intelligent without being boring .” That is Michael Phan accurately. And that is DEFINITELY why you need to read this book.

Oh, you want some more recommendations? You know I live for that.

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